[Outreachy] [Due Sept 16] Deadline for Outreachy mentor organization sign up

Sage Sharp - Outreachy Organizer organizers at outreachy.org
Thu Sep 15 15:28:50 UTC 2022

[If you are an Outreachy applicant, please disregard this message.]

Outreachy is currently looking for open source and open science communities to serve as mentoring organizations for Outreachy interns in the December 2022 cohort.

September 16 at 4pm UTC is the deadline for communities to sign up to participate.

We have extended the deadline for mentors to submit project descriptions to September 29 at 4pm UTC.

If you are thinking of signing up to mentor Outreachy interns, please fill out the community participation form ASAP:


Please read through our community guide to understand how open source and open science communities can participate as mentoring organizations:


Sage Sharp, Outreachy Organizer

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