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Fri Sep 22 13:30:04 UTC 2017


Outreachy is a three-month, paid, remote internship program to connect
people traditionally underrepresented in tech with mentors in free and
open source communities. Applications for the December 2017 to March
2018 round are now open (applications for the May to August 2018 round
will open in February):


We've added four new mentoring communities since the round opened on
September 9, and expect to add around four more in the coming weeks:


We'd love your help spreading the word about Outreachy!  It can be as
simple as retweeting these recent tweets from @outreachy:

Additionally, we would appreciate your help with:
1. Spreading the word about Outreachy to tech groups or universities.
2. Scheduling virtual sessions with tech groups and universities to
promote Outreachy.
3. Participating in the Outreachy Twitter chat on Monday, September 25
at 3pm UTC / 8am PDT / 11am EDT

Spreading the word

Please send the information about the program to your community group,
share it on social networks, or encourage someone you know to apply. If
you are in the Southern Hemisphere and know colleges or universities
where the summer break aligns with the December to March internship dates,
please send the information to the CS students there. (Please note that
full-time students in the Northern Hemisphere are typically not eligible
for this round unless they are graduating or taking a break from

We have posters, sample email, and sample social network updates you can
use available at https://www.outreachy.org/promote

Virtual Outreachy promotion sessions

I'm available over the next two weeks to host virtual sessions with
larger groups (e.g. open source groups that have a good diversity mix or
university classrooms). I have a presentation that takes approximately
an hour, and covers: what open source is, how to effectively get
involved in FOSS communities, and how to apply to Outreachy and Google
Summer of Code. If you would like to schedule a virtual session, please
set up a meeting up via

Participating in the Twitter Chat

Please join us for a Twitter chat with #OutreachyChat hashtag at 3pm UTC
/ 8am PDT/ 11pm EDT this Monday, September 25. We'll be talking for
about two hours. The goal of the chat is to increase the visibility of
this opportunity and individual project ideas, and to encourage more
people to apply.

We'll have questions for both mentors and alums. Potential Outreachy
applicants are welcome to ask questions of mentors and interns after the

Mentors and alums, please review the new questions under the
"#OutreachyChat Twitter Chat" section on the promotion page:


Prospective applicants are encouraged to ask follow-up questions. You
can always ask questions privately by emailing either the Outreachy
organizers at organizers at outreachy.org or the private mentor mailing
list at mentors at lists.outreachy.org.

Sarah Sharp
Outreachy Organizer

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