[Outreachy announcement] Accepted Outreachy interns announced!

Sage Sharp - Outreachy Organizer organizers at outreachy.org
Fri Nov 16 16:11:21 UTC 2018

Congratulations to the 46 applicants who are accepted as Outreachy interns for the December 2018 to March 2019 round!


647 applicants has their initial application approved. We're very proud of the 202 applicants who recorded making a contribution to our free software projects.

If you weren't selected this round, don't lose hope! We find that many applicants apply two or three times before they get accepted. You can still work on a volunteer basis with the communities you applied for, which will help build your skills for the next application round.

If you weren't able to make a contribution this round, we encourage you to practice making contributions. We recommend the following resources for practicing contribution skills:


The applications for the next round of Outreachy internships will open in February 2019 for the May to August 2019 internship round.

Sage Sharp
Outreachy Organizer

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