[Outreachy announcement] Outreachy application period is closed

Outreachy Organizers organizers at outreachy.org
Thu Mar 29 17:36:29 UTC 2018

Thank you to all the applicants who worked with mentors to make a contribution during the Outreachy application period!

Project applications are now closed, and the intern selection will begin. Interns will be announced on this page on April 23, 2018 at 4pm UTC:


Applicants may not get any emails during this period. There have been spammers in the past who have forged mentor emails telling applicants their application has been rejected and asking applicants to withdraw their application. Please note that Outreachy organizers and mentors will NEVER ask you to withdraw your application, and we will never send rejection emails before the intern announcement date. If you have withdrawn your application because of one of these spam emails, you can re-submit your application by following the links from your dashboard.


During the intern selection period, Outreachy organizers may reach out to confirm that the time commitments applicants put in their eligibility form are still up-to-date. If applicants are selected by two Outreachy projects, applicants may receive an email asking them to pick which project they want to intern with. Otherwise, applicants won't receive any emails during this time period.

Please do not ask Outreachy mentors or coordinators whether you have been selected for the internship. Because it takes Outreachy organizers several weeks to sort out intern selection and find additional funds, we want to ensure all applicants find out about intern selection at the same time.

Thank you for participating in Outreachy! We hope that you've enjoyed contributing to Free and Open Source Software projects.

Sage Sharp
Outreachy Organizer

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