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Sun Mar 11 19:09:10 UTC 2018

March 22, 2018 is the deadline for making contributions and submitting your final application for Outreachy internships. If you haven't started a contribution yet, now is the time to pick a project, contact the community, and start working with a mentor on your contributions:

There are a few projects that haven't had many applicants, and have extended their deadline to March 29, 2018:

Some projects are looking for more applicants, but still have a regular deadline of March 22, 2018:

Some projects have enough applicants, and they are closed to new applicants. If you are currently working with a mentor of one of these projects, make sure to record your contributions and create your final application before the deadline of March 22, 2018:

All other projects have a deadline of March 22, 2018. You will need to record a contribution and create a final application in order to be eligible to be selected as an intern.

If you are currently working on a contribution with a mentor (even if the contribution is not merged or accepted yet), make sure to record the contribution in the Outreachy website, and submit a final application for your project. You can record your contributions by finding your project listed on the project selection page, and following the link 'record your contributions and create a final application' on that project's detailed listing:

If you don't see any links to project details or a link to record a contribution, you either aren't logged in, or you haven't filled out the eligibility form at:

If you have any questions about selecting a project or you are having trouble contacting a mentor who has not closed their project to applicants, please email the Outreachy mentors mailing list at mentors at lists.outreachy.org. If you have questions about eligibility, please email the Outreachy organizers organizers at outreachy.org after you have filled out the eligibility form.

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