[Outreachy announcement] Application deadline is closed

Outreachy Organizers organizers at outreachy.org
Mon Oct 23 18:02:18 UTC 2017

The Outreachy application period for all communities (aside from Kubernetes) has closing today at 4pm UTC. No new applications can be accepted. People who have saved an application can still make minor edits to it, but mentors will be making their decisions this week, so your best chance at being selected is to complete it ASAP.

Please make sure you have your eligibility section completed. Note that all accepted interns will need to sign the Intern Agreement. This is a legal document stating you are eligible for the internship, and the eligibility data you've provided to us in your application form is accurate. Please see the "Warranties" section of the legal agreement:


There has been a lot of confusion about whether particular students are eligible for this round. In order for mentors to determine if a student is eligible, applicants need to ensure the following information is available in the answers to questions 8(i-iv) in the application form:

1. Last day of exams for all students for your current term.

2. The number of credits a typical student takes during your current term.

3. The number of credits you are taking for your current term.

4. First day of classes for all students for your next term.

5. The number of credits a typical student takes during your next term.

6. The number of credits you are taking for your next term.

7. The number of credits you will receive as project credit next term for your Outreachy internship.

Please note that due to several questions, we have further clarified our eligibility for students again:

"You will not be in school full-time for at least seven consecutive weeks between December 5, 2017 and March 5, 2018.

School weeks include all weeks during a school semester and during an exams session when students from your university are attending. School weeks include short breaks (1 week or less) and weekends. Free weeks must be consecutive.

We do not count late enrollment in classes towards the number of free weeks. We cannot accept letters from universities stating students are excused from classes."

We understand that several students are disappointed that they're not eligible, but we encourage you to apply for the May to August round. You'll have a head start on knowing how to contribute to open source.

Good luck! The accepted interns will be announced on this mailing list on November 9.

Sarah Sharp
Outreachy Organizer

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