[Outreachy announcement] Oct 23 - Outreachy internship application deadline

Outreachy Organizers organizers at outreachy.org
Sat Oct 7 20:46:57 UTC 2017


The deadline for the Outreachy internship application process is only
16 days away, on October 23. After that date, mentors will start making
their intern selections. Interns will be announced on November 9.

If you've started an application, now is the time to finish working on
your contributions for your chosen project(s), edit your application to
include links to those contributions, and start working on the project
timeline with your mentor.

Note that applicants must complete at least one contribution in order to
be chosen as an intern. The most successful applicants make multiple
small contributions, rather than rushing in a big contribution just
before the application deadline.

But it's not too late to talk to a mentor and get started on your

If you're just joining the Outreachy internship application process, the
good news is that there are three open source communities who recently
joined Outreachy, and several projects that have a low number of

Please consider applying for those projects:
 - Ceph projects
 - Cloud Native Computing Foundation tracing projects
 - GNOME projects
 - Discourse projects using Ruby on Rails
 - Debian project to improve testing for bioinformatics software
 - Fedora Hubs which uses Python and HTML/CSS/Javascript

You can still apply to projects marked "Accepting Applicants" but you'll
have a better chance of being selected for an internship if you apply to
a project marked "Needs More Applicants".

Good luck applying! If you have any questions about the application
process, feel free to email organizers at outreachy.org or project mentors
at mentors at lists.outreachy.org

Sarah Sharp
Outreachy Organizer

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